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Progress in Heterocyclic Chemistry Volume 33

Progress in Heterocyclic Chemistry (PHC), Volume 33, the latest in this annual review series commissioned by the International Society of Heterocyclic Chemistry (ISHC), contains both highlights of the previous year’s literature on heterocyclic chemistry and an article on a new and developing topic of interest. Chapters in this updated volume are all written by leading researchers in their field, providing a systematic survey of the important, original material reported in literature in 2020.

As with previous volumes in the series, this update will enable academics, industrial chemists and advanced students to keep abreast of developments in heterocyclic chemistry in a convenient resource.


1. Recent Discoveries of Naturally Occurring Halogenated Nitrogen Heterocycles (Gordon W. Gribble)
2. (no chapter 2)
3. Three-Membered Ring Systems (Jonathon S. Russel)
4. Four-Membered Ring Systems (Josefa Anaya, Ramón M. Sánchez)
5. Five-Membered Ring Systems: Thiophenes and Se/Te Analogs and their Benzo Analogs (John A. Joule)
6. Five-Membered Ring Systems: Pyrroles and Benzo Analogs (Khalilia Tillett, Kyle Pedretty, Justin M. Lopchuk)
7. Five Membered Ring Systems: Furans and Benzofurans (Halina Kwiecien)
8. Five-Membered Ring Systems: with More than One N Atom (Larry Yet)
9. Five-Membered Ring Systems: with N and S Atoms (Yong-Jin Wu)
10. Five-Membered Ring Systems: with O and S (Se, Te) Atoms (R. Alan Aitken, Fiona M. Fotherby)
11. Five-Membered Ring Systems: with O and N Atoms (Franca Cordero, Luisa Lascialfari, Fabrizio Machetti)
12. Six-Membered Ring Systems: Pyridines and Benzo Derivatives (Jeanese C. Badenock)
13. Six-Membered Ring Systems: Diazines and Benzo Derivatives (K. Alison Rinderspacher)
14. Triazines, Tetrazines and Fused Ring Polyaza Systems (Franck Suzenet)
15. Six-Membered Ring Systems: with O and/or S Atoms (Clementina M. M. Santos, Artur M. S. Silva)
16. Seven-Membered Ring Systems (Alex C. Bissember)
17. Eight-Membered and Larger Rings (Charles N. Moorefield, George R. Newkome)

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